MARCH 28, 2022 | Frank Smith

Ransomware Recovery and the Role of Data Protection Services

The technological advancements of today have brought preferment in cyber-attacks. The cyber-crimes have become more complex and sophisticated. They can lead to compromise thousands or even millions of devices simultaneously. Furthermore, there are various types of cyber-crimes, and one of the latest—and the most dreaded—is ransomware. You can only save your organization from this menace if data protection services are protecting your data and helping you in ransomware recovery.  

The data protection services provider can play a great role in cyber attack protection and in the process of data recovery. No cyber-security solution can guard your organization cent percent which is why having a recovery plan is a must for all sorts of businesses. And to work this plan, you need services of cyber protection because they have the expertise of this field. Also, they have all the resources that can help you in the process of ransomware recovery. Continue reading, and this blog will walk you through all the details of ransomware and the recovery of the ransomware under the guidelines of a data protection service. 

What is Ransomware Attack? 

Ransomware attacks are malware/virus attacks that can encrypt your data or lock your systems. Once their operators successfully do any of the two, they demand payment in ransom to unlock your data and systems. Because cryptocurrency/digital currency is an anonymous and less traceable currency, attackers often ask for ransom in cryptocurrency. If you don’t pay them their demanded amount, they will either destroy your data or will sell it to your competitors. Both of these situations can destroy the reputation of your business and as a result, you may lose some potential customers.   

On the other hand, if you pay them the amount they asked for, they will provide you the decryption key. But there are chances they can run away with the money. This means that these methods are not safe to pursue. Hence, there is another way to get out of this disaster and that is to hire a data protection services provider and they will get you back online.    

Methods of Data Recovery You Can Try with the Help of Data Protection Services: 

There are many ways you can try to recover ransomware encrypted files but we have enlisted a few of the most popular ones. 

Restoring from a Backup: 

Recovering data from backups is the fastest method, of ransomware recovery, you can try after a successful attack. But this method can only work if you have the most recent versions of your data and apps that aren’t infected by ransomware. But before trying this method or any other method, remove malware from your systems. You can’t do this on your own, rather you need the services of data protection to do the task. 

Recovering from Windows System Restore: 

Sometimes you can use Windows System Restore to retrieve your data. This utility stores point-in-time backups of your Windows devices and after removal of the virus, you can use this method to roll back whenever necessary. Most of the time, you don’t get your full data through this method but it’s enough to reproduce the remaining files. 

Using Data Recovery Software: 

You can also try data recovery software in place of windows system recovery to get hold of your data. This third-party solution can work if the ransomware operators, like most of the time they do, have copied the data, deleted the original files, and encrypted the copies. It can extract the data that has been corrupted or lost from storage devices. It can also do deformation or repair hard drive partitions.

With the help of these tools, you can recover data from all storage devices, including system-created or user-stored. Furthermore, these solutions can recover data from flash drives, hard drives, external storage, tape drives, and other storage devices as well.  

Recovery with Ransomware Decryption Software: 

There are some tools available that can decrypt the ransomware but it depends on the type of ransomware you have. These solutions can break ransomware encryption that has been placed on your files or systems by using algorithms created by security experts. 

You can find these tools online at multiple places. But before using it, make sure to verify the authenticity of the tool you download before downloading it. There are many fake tools out there that include additional malware. Also, the data protection services can help you with finding the right tool. If you want to have invincible cyber attack protection and cent percent ransomware recovery of your data, go with BRR. This is because they are the best in the field of cyber security.