July 30, 2014 | Sadaf Awan

Some Proactive Steps You Can Take to Ensure Ransomware Recovery 

Ransomware is a pervasive and ever-evolving cyber threat that has caused damage to thousands of industries over the years. The impact of this malware is global and regardless of size, geographic location, or industry, all businesses have fallen victim to it. The intensity of ransomware attacks has increased to many folds since the outburst of the COVID-19. And because of these cyber-attacks, some organizations incurred losses of millions of dollars in the last year alone. Only those industries have withstood this wave of cybercrimes that had taken preemptive measures required for successful ransomware recovery.

It is said that preparation is a key to cyber resilience. So, taking a proactive approach, including the implementation of a robust recovery strategy is a fundamental aspect of security preparedness. Ransomware attacks typically strike without any prior warning and leave the targeted organization faced with a high-stakes recovery challenge. Also, the attack can infect your one system to the whole network including your backups if you have kept everything off-guard. Hence, to guide you on this matter, we have enlisted some proactive steps that, if taken, can make your organization’s enterprise security invincible

What is Ransomware?  

Ransomware can be defined as a type of malicious software, or malware, that is operated by internet extortionists. They use this to hijack your systems and data. They do this to demand a ransom. If you pay them their desired amount, they will provide you with the decoding key. You can use this key to recover your data. But at times, after receiving their desired amount, they just run away and you are left with no data. On the other hand, if you don’t pay them, they will either destroy your data or sell it to your competitors and both of these situations are devastating for your business. There is a third option that involves hiring a service of cyber security solutions. They will help you in the recovery of your data.   

There are many ways through which ransomware can infiltrate your systems. The most common of all is through email spoofing. In this course of attack, the ransomware operators send emails to the employees of the company they want to target. These emails usually contain infected links or attachments and clicking on them starts the process of ransomware. Another commonly used method involves using proactive ads. The cybercriminals buy ad space on a good website and share infected ads there. Interacting with this ad begins the process of ransomware.   

Preemptive Measures to Take for a Successful Ransomware Recovery: 

Given the complexity of the recovery process, it is important to try to reduce the opportunity for an attack wherever possible. However, besides making your enterprise security invincible, you must be prepared for the worst case. Here, we have enlisted some of the ways you can follow to make this happen. 

Always Keep Backups of Your Sensitive Data:  

Backups are the best savior for you in the event of a ransomware attack. Therefore, you should keep backups of your data and these backups must also be well guarded. To ensure the security of your backups, you can either keep them offline or offsite because connected backups will also fall victim to cyber-attack. You simply have to restore your systems and files from backups.  

Never forget to keep your backups updated regularly. This is because updated backups are important to recover from a ransomware attack. For this method to yield results, you must have a recent version of your data and applications. Before restoration, you should eliminate the ransomware from your systems and network. And to make this happen, you need the service of cyber security solutions. 

Install a Good Antivirus Program on all Your Systems: 

You must have the latest version of a good quality antivirus installed on all your systems. This is because it will not only save you from any known virus but inform you when a cyber-attack is launched on your company. And the sooner you become aware of the attack, the easier it will be to recover from the attack. 

Keep Your Systems and Software Applications Updated: 

The software providers always try to remove the vulnerabilities of their applications by creating new versions. They do this to close the doors of vulnerabilities from where the cyberpunks usually launch their attacks. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you keep your systems and software applications updated always. All these steps are very useful for ransomware recovery, but for making your organization fully secure, you need to hire the services of Best Ransomware Recovery . They will save you not only from known and unknown malware but help you recover your data when things don’t go as planned.