NOVEMBER 20, 2021 | Kevin Gates

How Can Ransomware Dismantle Your Enterprise Security? 

Although cybercrimes have always been one of the major concerns of businesses, yet since the outburst of the COVID-19 the situation has gotten worse. The frequency of cyber-attacks has elevated to a great extent. The main reasons behind this uprise include; the new trend of remote working, the use of digital currency, and easy access to learning sources like YouTube. Only those organizations have withstood this wave of cybercrimes that were prepared and guarded for situations like this. On the other hand, businesses that had weak enterprise security had incurred losses in millions of dollars because of ransomware attacks

Almost every organization is well aware of the current cyber security situation of the world but still, most of them are relying on weak business security systems. However, modern problems require modern solutions. And in these testing times, every company must install the best malware protection for business. This blog will walk you through the details on what ransomware is, how does it work, and its possible infiltration methods. 

What is Ransomware and how does it Work? 

Ransomware, as the name suggests, is an advanced form of malicious malware that has the ability to hijack your systems and data. It does so by encrypting all data saved within a victim’s computer and making the computer nugatory. They demand a heavy sum of ransom money in order to return control of your systems and for giving you a decryption key. When you pay them their desired amount, they will return you the control and provide you with the decryption key. But this is the best-case scenario and there are chances after receiving the amount they just run away without completing their part of the bargain.  

On the other hand, if you don’t pay them their desired sum, they will either destroy your data or sell it to your competitors. Both of these situations can not only destroy the reputation of your company but you will have to bear losses in the form of downtime. You can (sometimes) also have to face a loss in the shape of losing potential clients. There is a third option, that can mostly work if you have hired the services of business security systems providers. They will help you remove the malware from your systems and recover your data without having you pay a penny to the bad guys. 

How Can Ransomware Infiltrate Your Enterprise Security? 

There are many methods through ransomware can infect your systems and data but we have enlisted a few of the most popular ones,  

Email Attachments (Email Phishing): 

Email phishing is the most common method internet extortionists use to launch their cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals send emails to the employees of the company they want to target. These emails encourage the recipient to install a malicious attachment or open an infected link shared in these emails. The file they send can be in a variety of formats, including a ZIP file, PDF, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, and more. And once the attachment is installed, or the link is opened, the ransomware may get deployed immediately. And hence, the process of ransomware starts. 

Malvertising (Malicious Advertising): 

This method is also becoming an increasingly popular way of ransomware delivery. The ransomware operators take the advantage of the same tools and infrastructures used to display legitimate ads on the web. Typically, they purchase ad space on a legitimate website, which is linked to an exploit kit. In the ad, they display there might be a provocative image, a message notification, or an offer for free software.  

When a person clicks on the ad, the exploit kit scans your system for information about its software, operating system, browser details, and more. If the exploit kit detects any vulnerability; it attempts to install ransomware on the user’s system. Once they get into one system, the malware slowly infiltrates into the whole network if they don’t have the best malware protection for business. 

Drive-by Downloads: 

A drive-by download is another common way through which ransomware can dismantle your enterprise security. A drive-by download means any download that occurs without your knowledge. Ransomware distributors use this method by hosting malicious content on their own sites. Moreover, sometimes they also inject malicious content into legitimate websites by exploiting known vulnerabilities. And when you visit the infected website, the malicious content analyzes your device for specific vulnerabilities. If it finds some, it executes the ransomware in the background. If all this information is enough to compel you to hire a cybersecurity solution, go with Best Ransomware Recovery. They are the best and the most economical service providers in this field.